Virginia Business is the only publication dedicated to covering economic activity in every sector and every region of the state. Since its creation, our magazine has won awards, attracted loyal readers and established a reputation as a “must read” for anybody who wants to stay abreast of commercial events in the commonwealth.
Founded in 1986, Virginia Business quickly gained a reputation for journalistic excellence. Readers soon discovered that our magazine featured lively writing, in-depth analysis and thought-provoking insights. These qualities continue to define our content.
Virginia Business reached a major milestone in September 2009 when publisher Bernie Niemeier led a private equity-funded purchase of the publication from Media General Inc. The magazine has operated as an independent publication since then.
While Virginia Business remains our flagship product, we’ve steadily added new ones that meet the needs of busy readers. The marketplace has demonstrated a serious appetite for our special reports, online offerings and digital newsletters. All are filled with material that originates with our writers and editors. We also enjoy a reputation for hosting great gatherings, and our special events are extremely popular. We also continue to look for new business opportunities.
One measure of our success is the enthusiastic response Virginia Business still gets from readers. We attract a diverse group of business leaders who predominately hold managerial and financial positions and fill a host of C-suite positions. They engage deeply with our magazine. In fact, 75 percent of subscribers report reading all of the last four issues, a remarkable sign of engagement and approval.
Advertisers also have found a lot to like. Our readership is well-educated, well-compensated and deeply involved in buying decisions that collectively amount to millions of dollars worth of goods and services every year. In short, advertisers fill our pages because they know that we provide exclusive access to one of the most attractive reader bases in the state for anybody engaged in business-to-business commerce.

Advertiser Results

“I know you!” I hear that a lot, thanks to Virginia Business. We started advertising there more than 10 years ago. And our name recognition has soared. Corporate and government leaders often get an “aha” look on their faces when we first meet and say: “I know you! I saw your ad in Virginia Business.” That instant recognition is important to us at Dixon Hughes Goodman.

Gary Thomson, CPA, Regional Managing Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP